Mathieu Frossard

Mathieu Frossard is a ceramicist, living and working in Strasbourg, France. After completing his Bachelor degree in Design from ESAD in Rheims, Mathieu moved to Eindhoven in the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated with a Masters Degree in Design. It was during his Masters that he began working with ceramics and learnt the technique of mould making. From there, he moved to Brussels, Belgium and worked as an artist assistant; before spending a year in Melbourne, Australia, where he practised with a ceramicist friend. It was at that point that ceramics became the main medium in Mathieu's designs, which we are OBSESSED with. Read on to find out more about his practice.

Mathieu creates a three-dimensional 'collage of references' using popular culture imagery that he encounters in the world around him. Sourcing ideas from 'flicking through magazines, researching random stuff on google images or browsing through Instagram.' The references he uses are always well-known and identified by the many; they belong to a global, shared culture. Through combining elements, Mathieu then tries to make sense and draw meaning from the groupings; creating his own narrative along the way. Which is also his aim for you, the audience. He asks you to create your own stories - influenced by your own, personal experiences - when reflecting on his pieces.

Mathieu explains that he works in an intuitive way, letting his subconscious guide the references that he is drawn to... he'll see something that he finds interesting, read something that triggers a thought or raises questions, or hear something that summons his emotions.

The references can also be displayed through the use of text. Mathieu told us that he loves the way that words represents a direct way to communicate; with English being a 'universal' language. However, that this isn't necessarily true - language isn't always direct and clear, and in fact, words can remain open to interpretation depending on the reader's background or the context these words live within. It's this grey area that becomes the subject of Mathieu's work.

All these amazing pieces are made by Mathieu from his studio space at home. He works to a tight schedule and routine of 8:30 am - 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday with a 1-hour lunch break. This organised way of working is exactly what he needs as a freelancer, working from home.

To see more of Mathieu's work check out his website and Instagram. You can also purchase some of his pieces through Fracas, Pepite, and soon from Boonparis. Mathieu will also be launching an online store on his website soon!

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