Arianna De Luca

Arianna de Luca is an interior designer and ceramicist living and working in Pigneto, Rome. After studying Product Design at university, Arianna began a career in interior design, working on projects across Italy, South America and the UK - where she lived for 10 years. Arianna recently returned to Italy and runs her own creative studio, now mostly working in ceramics.

Growing up, Arianna lived in a village near to one of the small Italian ceramic villages that are spread throughout the country. These small villages and towns are still there today - each with its own style and traditions. So the idea of experimenting with ceramics had always been accessible to Arianna, and it was when she returned to her hometown that her interest in the material really piqued as a means to creating bespoke products and decor to use in her interior projects. And of course, where better to go to learn these techniques than the local artisans. Her interest in ceramics grew, and the rich artisanal heritage that she was surrounded by became a huge inspiration in her work. The colours and themes of 1980s Italian design and Vietri pottery are heavily referenced in Arianna's work; as well as textures, details and palettes Arianna has experienced travelling through Mediterranean countries.

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