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Image courtesy of Ana Rod

Five of our favourite Black artists RN

Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson's sculptures explore the domestic space and our relationship with the objects that we coexist with.

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor's ceramic sculptures are inspired by architectural sources including plaster ceilings, columns and piers.

Shaun Hayes

Shaun Hayes juxtaposes the timelessness of traditional ceramic forms with the fleetingness of today's contemporary throwaway society

Ebony Russell


Beatriz Trepat

Beatriz Trepat's mini-sculptures start life as a small drawing based on found objects and ornaments that she has to hand.

Glenn Barkley

After resigning from his career as Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, Glenn Barkley fell in love with clay.

Léa Mestres

Léa Mestres creates 'happy furniture', characterised through colour, form and textures that play with our senses.

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